Aeronautical Engineering Career Option: Job Opportunities, Courses, Salary

Aeronautical comprising of the two words aero and nautical which have the greek roots meaning air and navigation respectively. Aeronautical Engineering is the science involved with the study of designing and manufacturing of aircraft and rockets operating within the atmosphere. Aeronautical engineering deals with the development of the technology in aviation and defence. It is the most challenging field of engineering.

Job Opportunities

The most common places of employment are aircraft manufacturing companies, Defence and research sectors. Both private and government companies provide employment for aeronautical engineering candidates. Some of them are: Indian Space Research Organization, Defence Research and Development Organization, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, Indian Airlines and Air India. Students who want to study abroad can go for the USA, Canada and some European countries. NASA is the dream destination for all aspired aeronautical engineers. As far as salary is concerned, pay is increased with the post in vertical manner. Aeronautical engineers can get Rs. 15000 per month salary in government or semi government institutions. Engineering students with management exposure can easily get Rs. 40000 per month and perks extra.


Prerequisite for this branch of engineering is sharp eyesight and may not be colour blind. One has to be good in problem solving and mathematical calculations. Designing, planning and communication skills should be good enough to impress the seniors. One also has to be physically fit and be able to work swiftly when aircraft deployment is due.


One needs to qualify for the entry into aeronautical engineering. Good aggregate percentage is necessary in the subjects like Physics, chemistry and mathematics in 10+2 level. Most of the degree engineering colleges and IITs in India offer the bachelor and postgraduate degree in aeronautical engineering.

Merits and Demerits

The main advantage is the pay and stability is very high in an aeronautical engineering career.  If you are innovative and wants to fly high then this is the path you should walk on. Tough competition and irregular working hours can be tiring for some.