Radiography is a medical technology which is used to diagnose the diseases of the internal body parts using CT scan, X-ray, Ultrasound,    MRI, etc.

Job Opportunities

Broad opportunities are available for the radiologist in India and abroad. They can seek employment in both government and private hospitals. Private clinics, diagnostic centers, and super specialty hospitals are the preferred destination of the radiologists. The radiologist can earn good in government hospitals and they have fixed starting pay scale. They can initially earn up to 15000 a month. Radiographer with good experience can earn good which can be 50000 per month.


Radiography is a paramedical science and thus a student must have an interest in subjects like chemistry, biology, physiology, and anatomy to get success in this profession.


The minimum requirement to pursue the B.Sc. in radiology is 10+2 with good aggregate marks in physics, chemistry, and biology. One year certificate and two-year diploma course are also popular among the aspirants. M.V. Shetty Institute of health science, Ambedkar Medical College, University of Delhi are some of the reputed institutes which offer the courses in Radiology.

Merits and Demerits

Advantages include numerous job opportunities, steady growth, career advancement, and good remuneration. Disadvantages include hard work, standing on your feet the whole day, exposure to radiation and keeping calm and work during an emergency.