Radio Jockey

If one is blessed with a good voice, have a passion for music, loves to interact with people, have knowledge on current entertaining topics then Radio Jockeying is the world for him. Private channels are coming on air and they required professional RJs for their stations thus increasing the job opportunities for those who have desired to be an RJ.


Job Opportunities

Radio Jockeys have tremendous employment opportunities as many private stations coming on air. Initially one can easily get up to 20000 per month. Companies pay them per show and with increasing experience, the earning can be doubled. Once you are famous you can voice over some programs on television or radio. Radio broadcasting can make you around 50000 per month easily. RJs can be DJs, reporters, broadcasters, announcers, correspondents, station managers and executives. Later they can start their own business schools and become independent.


Youngsters prefer to be RJs owing to the fresh ideas and mindset which enables them to connect with young listeners. Friendly nature, good presence of mind, good voice, approachable attitude, good command over the local, national and international language, demanding personal attitude, good communication and interpersonal skills are the required attributes. Aspiring candidate can start early in and must listen to radio stations daily, they can take up mock training sessions of RJing and practice.


Attitude, one’s desire and passion and talent could count high in this profession. One must undergo training at workshops that focus on pronunciation, modulation of voice, music, editing, creating thinking, vocabulary, language examination, and public speaking.

Merits and Demerits

RJing appears to be a fun job at the present time. Tough aspects of the job include continuously entertaining audience even if you are feeling down, always present yourself enthusiastic, dependent only on your voice, continuous pressure, remaining active all through the day, keeping calm, listening and responding carefully over conversations, unstructured and under pressure work environment. People find this very challenging and money making; they can work in shift and can make fun at work.