Become a Town Planner: Step-by-Step Career Guide

The population in India is likely to be gathered around or in 60 to 70 major cities in the future. Thus cities would need urban, regional planners to optimize the living conditions of the people residing in it. Town planning includes urban, regional, environmental and transportation planning. Job Opportunities Candidates… Read more »

Textile Engineering Career Options, Job Opportunities, Courses, Salary

B.Tech in textile engineering Textile engineering applies scientific techniques to design and control of fiber, textile and clothing processes, and machinery. These techniques include natural material, material’s interaction with machines, safety, and waste and pollution control. Job Opportunities Career prospects in this professional include process engineering, research, and development, selling… Read more »

How to Become a Tea-Taster: details, Requirements & Salary.

Tea tasters are professional individuals who have knowledge about different tea and who specialize in the art of checking, tasting, sampling and differentiating tea based on labeling. There is wide scope for this profession in India since India is a world leader in producing a variety of tea. Professionals in… Read more »

How to Become a Stock Broker: Career Guidance

Stock exchanges indicate the health of a country’s economic health to some extent. This is the place where securities are bought and sold. Volatility is very high in this field. Price of the stock changes every second and is dependent on the demand and supply of the stock at a… Read more »

How to Become a Social Worker: Salary, Qualification & Opportunities.

It is a fact today that the majority of young people do not do voluntary work but they are all paid and salaried professionals. Political activism and social contacts may be the motive behind entering this sphere, better career prospects, promising career growth are major factors attracting youth in this… Read more »