Teachers are the ones who are second guardians of students only after parents. They inhabit the students with all the subjects and create interest in the study. Teacher’s duty expands beyond the classroom. Outside classroom, teachers accompany students in the field trip, impart knowledge about current national as well as international affairs, take a serious interest in students’ extraordinary skills, and make them believe in themselves. With the so many schools are coming up, the demand for good teachers will be increasing.

Job Opportunities

Teachers can find employment in play schools, nursery, primary, secondary and higher secondary schools. They can also go for colleges, universities and educational research institutes. Opportunities are there in Gulf countries where there is much demand for qualified teaching professionals and they are giving very good remuneration and all the basic amenities. One can open up private coaching center. One can earn very good in this profession as education is considered a growing industry now.


One must have a passion for teaching. One must have interest, confidence, patience and teaching skills; a friendly and approachable nature, very good communication skills, and sharp observation power. It is the teacher who guides the child right from his childhood and has to understand the child’s behavior in order to guide, teach and mentor him for the future.


Preferred eligibility for nursery teacher is vocational course degree after 10+2.  Candidates with a bachelor degree in education can teach primary students. B. Ed. is necessary for those who want to teach secondary and higher secondary students. For lecturers in colleges and universities, good aggregate marks are necessary in master degree. One must pass the NET exam if you want to take up teaching profession in central universities and similarly one must pass SLET if they want to go to the state-run universities.

Merits and Demerits

You will learn more when you start teaching students. The knowledge you impart is flavored with your personality, wit and wisdom, insights and understanding. You can be students guide, role model and mentor. Some negatives are: maintaining a number of students while you teach is not an easy task. Sometimes you have to take care of the infrastructure too if you are in government-run schools.